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Persecution Unveiled has established this cause to educate people about the persecution of Christians and religious minorities in the US & worldwide. Mission Raising awareness to the growing tide of bigotry and hatred toward Christians around the world has become a burden on those trying to wake up those who cherish religious freedom as a God given right. Persecution Unveiled has been called by God to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to speak up and act on behalf of those who have no voice. Email

Friday, August 18, 2017

China Tells US to Back Off on Religious Freedom Criticism, Claims America Isn't Role Model for Human Rights

By Stoyan Zaimov
Christian Post

China is pushing back against the U.S. State Department's annual religious freedom report that highlights the Communist government's persecution of Christians and religious minorities, stating that the U.S. needs to solve its own problems with white supremacist violence.

Bob Fu, president of persecution watchdog group China Aid, told The Christian Post, however, that China is "incorrect" in drawing a comparison between the two issues.

"The Chinese government is directly responsible for their abuses, while the U.S. government is not necessarily responsible for racism," Fu said in an email on Thursday.

"In Charlottesville, racism occurred because a group of white nationalist individuals who are not affiliated with the government acted on their prejudices, and many U.S. officials went on to condemn their actions, demonstrating that this is not a human rights abuse that can be tied to the government," he continued.
"China, on the other hand, implements local and national policies that specifically target specific groups of people and even goes so far as to hold official conferences about how to properly execute these policies. This denotes a direct government responsibility for the abuses."
The 2016 International Religious Freedom Report, released earlier this week, provided an update on the religious freedom situation in 199 countries around the world.

It criticized China for a number of reported human rights abuses, such as one incident in April 2016 in Zhumadian, Henan province, where the pastor of an unregistered church and his wife were buried alive while trying to save their church from government-ordered demolition. While the pastor survived, his wife, Ding Cuimei, died.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying argued in her response on Wednesday that China protects religious freedom.

"The so-called U.S. report ignores the facts, confuses right and wrong and makes wanton criticism of China's religious freedom situation," she said, according to Reuters, adding that America is not "perfect" either.
State news agency Xinhua further commented on the violence at last weekend's rally between white nationalist socialists and Antifa counter-protesters in Charlottesville — in which one protester was killed by a man who plowed his car into a crowd and two police officers were killed when their helicopter crashed — by suggesting that the U.S. is better off dealing with its own problems first.

Christian Post continues

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Anti-Israel Curricula Used in World History Courses Across the Country

Inaccurate, Misleading, and Radical Israel Education is an Ongoing Problem at Area Schools

By Rachel Frommer
Washington Free Beacon

A monograph published late last month of anti-Israel curriculum used in Newton, Mass., public high schools has led to revelations of similar materials in circulation at other school districts in the country, the report's researcher told the Washington Free Beacon on Thursday.

Steven Stotsky of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) said that since the release of his findings in "Indoctrinating Our Youth: How a U.S. Public School Curriculum Skews the Arab-Israeli Conflict and Islam," he has received phone calls alerting him to disquieting curricula being used in Michigan and California.

"We turned over a rock and discovered a significant problem," said Stotsky, about his deep dive into textbooks, articles, timelines, and maps used from at least 2011 to 2015—some possibly still in use—for World History course sections on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Islam in Newton's two public high schools, which are among the most prestigious in the country.
The materials included the Arab World Studies Notebook, a textbook the American Jewish Committee has previously condemned as filled with "factually inaccuracies," "overt bias," and "unabashed propagandizing"; a timeline of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that almost entirely omitted instances of Palestinian terrorism; and a misrepresentative translation of the Hamas charter.

Stotsky said procedures must be established for vetting all materials brought into the classroom.

"Teachers are pulling things off the Internet, and a lot of it is fine, but a lot of it not. They can't just be giving this stuff to students," said Stotsky.
He questioned the decision to teach the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in a history class at all.
"History is complicated enough when you are studying issues that are 100, 200 years old," he said. "You further complicate things when you add current events, and the Israeli-Palestinian issue is still politically and ideologically active."
Stotsky's report was the first comprehensive study of these materials, which were only obtained after a years-long battle with Newton administrators by an ad-hoc group of parents and concerned citizens.

Questions about the Newton curriculum were first raised in 2011, but the school district delayed turning over the documents until the summer of 2015. They only complied with those demands after Judicial Watch submitted a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in October 2014, and even then dragged their feet for another one-and-a-half years.

"The obstruction, the failure to respond to citizens' concerned, the lack of transparency was shocking," said Stotsky. "The fact that it had to go all the way to a FOIA request is outrageous."
An easy fix to the transparency issue, said Stotsky, would be simply throwing all curricula up on the Internet as a matter of policy.

Inaccurate, misleading, and radical Israel education is an ongoing problem at area schools, Stotsky said, pointing to a May 2017 "Middle East History Day" program at Newton North High School, at which he described a speaker as giving an "anti-Israel rant" to 150 students.
Washington Free Beacon continues

Defector: Christianity Thrives in North Korea as Citizens ‘No Longer Respect’ Kim Jong-Un

By Edwin Mora

Christianity is spreading in North Korea as fewer citizens in the hermit state consider dictator Kim Jong-Un a god, the Telegraphhas learned from an anonymous defector.

Using figures found in the latest International Religious Freedom Report authored by the U.S. State Department, Breitbart News has determined that the Christian population in North Korea has increased dramatically—at least five-fold—from about 37,000 known practicing Christians in 2012 to between 200,000 and 400,000 now.

The State Department, which gleaned the Christian population figures from data maintained by the United Nations and the Cornerstone Ministries International (CMI), acknowledged the number of Christians in North Korea may be higher.

State learned from CMI that an estimated “10-45 percent” of people imprisoned in North Koreans detention camps are Christians.

“An estimated 80,000 to 120,000 political prisoners, some imprisoned for religious reasons, were believed to be held in the political prison camp system in remote areas under horrific conditions,” points out State in its report.
CSW [Christian Solidarity Worldwide] said a policy of guilt by association was often applied in cases of detentions of Christians, meaning that the relatives of Christians were also detained regardless of their beliefs.”
An unnamed North Korean defector confirmed the significant increase in North Korea’s Christian population.
“In the past, the people were told to worship the Kim family as their god, but many North Koreans no longer respect Kim Jong-Un”, the defector, now a member of the Seoul-based Worldwide Coalition to Stop Genocide in North Korea, told the Telegraph. “That means they are looking for something else to sustain their faith.”
“In some places, that has led to the emergence of shamans, but the Christian church is also growing and deepening its roots there”, he also said, adding, “Even though people know they could be sent to prison—or worse—they are still choosing to worship, and that means that more cracks are appearing in the regime and the system.”
North Koreans who practice any form of religion can face jail, torture, or even execution in the communist country, reveals the International Religious Freedom Report for 2016.

Persecution Unveiled has been called by God to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to speak up and act on behalf of those who have no voice.  Follow us on  Pinterest, and Google; like us on Facebook, and visit our website using this link.  

The Crisis of the Christian Colleges

Stephen Baskerville
for Crisis Magazine

We are often told these days, quite plausibly, that Christian universities and colleges are in acute crisis. The threat comes from campus radicals in alliance with the federal government’s educational machinery, itself operated by radicalized functionaries. “The expansion of the scope of Title IX legislation by the Obama administration makes colleges that hold to traditional Christian moral positions on homosexuality and transgenderism vulnerable to loss of government funding and to damaging legal actions,” writes Carl Trueman in First Things

“Failure to conform to Title IX will be punished with notations and probable loss of accreditation.” Trueman fears, also plausibly, that the institutions will not withstand the pressure and will compromise their integrity and forfeit their Christian mission in exchange for being allowed to continue.

Stephen Baskerville is Professor of Government at Patrick Henry College and past president of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children. He holds a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics and attends an Anglican parish in Virginia. His most recent book The New Politics of Sex: The Sexual Revolution and Civil Liberty is published by Angelico Press.

Persecution Unveiled has been called by God to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to speak up and act on behalf of those who have no voice.  Follow us on  Pinterest, and Google; like us on Facebook, and visit our website using this link.  

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Russia's Crackdown on Evangelism Leads to Prosecution of Mostly Christians 1 Year After 'Anti-Missionary' Law

By Anugrah Kuman
Christian Post

Evangelical Protestants make up the majority of the 181 cases prosecuted by Russian authorities under the country's notorious "anti-missionary" laws, which came into force last July, according to a report. Christians were also prosecuted in Crimea, which Russia occupied in 2014.

Norway-based group Forum 18 recorded 181 cases since July 20, 2016, two weeks after the laws were signed by President Vladimir Putin to ban evangelism outside of churches.

Of these prosecutions under Parts 3, 4, and 5 of Administrative Code Article 5.26, as many as 57 cases were against Protestant churches, including Pentecostals; 26 against Baptists; six against people associated with the Gideon's; and three against Seventh-day Adventists.

There were also cases prosecuted against 41 Jehovah's Witnesses, four Mormon-related cases, three Buddhists, nine Muslims and 12 Hare Krishnas.

Activities such as holding prayer meetings in homes and posting worship times on a religious community's website "have all been interpreted by police and prosecutors as 'missionary activity,'" according to the report.

Part 3 punishes "implementation of activities by a religious organization without indicating its official full name, including the issuing or distribution, within the framework of missionary activity, of literature and printed, audio, and video material without a label bearing this name, or with an incomplete or deliberately false label."

Part 4 punishes "Russians conducting missionary activity," and 

Part 5 deals with "foreigners conducting missionary activity."

However, it is still not clear what can amount to a "missionary activity."

Russia has also imposed these punishments in Crimea, filing 27 administrative cases, in which 16 of the cases have thus far resulted in fines. The amendments were introduced as part of an "anti-terrorism" law.

American Pastor Donald Ossewaarde, an independent Baptist missionary who has been living in Oryol, a town 224 miles south of Moscow, for about 15 years, was charged and convicted last August.
"I was accused of gluing two Gospel tracts to a bulletin board at the entrance of an apartment building" and "of conducting a religious service in a private home, which they said was a violation of the new anti-missionary law," the pastor said at the time on his website.

Persecution Unveiled has been called by God to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to speak up and act on behalf of those who have no voice.  Follow us on  Pinterest, and Google; like us on Facebook, and visit our website using this link.  

Hungary Offers Asylum as Sweden Prepares to Deport Christian Convert Actress to Iran

“Taking in persecuted Christians is our moral and constitutional duty all at once.” 

By Chris Tomlinson
Brietbart News

Hungary has offered asylum to Christian convert Aideen Strandsson because the Swedish government plans to deport her to Iran where she could face prison or even the death penalty for apostacy.

In 2014, Iranian actress Aideen Strandsson came to Sweden on a work visa and applied for asylum after she had converted from Islam to Christianity. The Swedish Migration Board recently denied Strandsson asylum and began the process of deporting her but now the Hungarian government has offered to take her in instead, Nyheter Idag reports.

Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén released a statement on Hungary’s official government website saying: “Right from the beginning, we have differentiated between economic migrants and genuine asylum-seekers.”

“Taking in persecuted Christians is our moral and constitutional duty all at once,” he added.
Semjén also noted that Christians would have a much easier time integrating into Hungarian society than Muslim migrants. The move backs up previous statements from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán who has previously said that multiculturalism and mass migration are endangering the “Christian roots” of Europe.

Persecution Unveiled has been called by God to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to speak up and act on behalf of those who have no voice.  Follow us on  Pinterest, and Google; like us on Facebook, and visit our website using this link.  

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Islamic Nations Kill Religious Liberty

Bill Donahue
Catholic League for Religious & Civil Rights

"Respecting Rights? Measuring the World's Blasphemy Laws" is a comprehensive report on the status of religious liberty throughout the world. Issued by the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, its findings are illuminating on several counts.

Its definition of blasphemy is straightforward: it is defined as "the act of insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God." Of the world's 195 countries, 71 have such laws. Two of them, Malta and Denmark, repealed their blasphemy laws after the data were collected by the Commission.

There were some surprises and some predictable findings. Regarding the former, the following countries sanction imprisonment for blasphemy: Canada, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, and Poland. Not surprisingly, the five nations with the most oppressive blasphemy laws are Iran, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Qatar. They all are Islamic states.

The official religion in Iran is Islam. Article 513 of its Penal Code says that anyone who insults Islam "should be executed if his insult equals to speaking disparagingly of Prophet Muhammad. Otherwise, should be imprisoned from one to five years."

Pakistan is formally known as the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, with Islam as its state religion. Chapter XV, Section 295-C authorizes death for "innuendo" of an insulting nature. "Whoever by words, either spoken or written, or by visible representation or by any imputation, innuendo, or insinuation, directly or indirectly, defiles the sacred name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) shall be punished with death, or imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to fine."

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Freed Christian Pastor Describes North Korean Labor Camp Conditions

Persecution Watchdog Groups Describe North Korea as the Worst Persecutor of Christians in the World 

By Stoyan Zaimov 
Christian Post

Rev. Hyeon Soo Lim, the Christian pastor who last week was freed and returned home to Canada, revealed what he had to suffer through at the North Korean labor camp where he was held.

"During the winter, I had to dig holes that measured one meter wide and one meter deep," Lim said on Sunday upon his return to Light Korean Presbyterian Church in Mississauga, Ontario.
"The ground was frozen. The mud was so hard that it took two days to dig one hole. It was incredibly challenging. My upper body was sweating. My fingers and toes were frostbitten," he recalled, according to The Globe and Mail.
As Reuters reported, Lim was held for more than two years in North Korea after originally being sentenced to hard labor for life in December 2015, accused of attempting to overthrow Kim Jon Un's regime.

Lim spoke before his church on Sunday for the first time since his release. He thanked the Canadian government for its assistance, including National Security Adviser Daniel Jean, who visited North Korea to ask for his freedom.

"It's a miracle for me to be here today," the pastor said in Korean. "I always knew Canada was a very warm and compassionate nation, but through my ordeal I really began to grasp that very deeply."
Lim further revealed that he suffered from "overwhelming loneliness" while in prison, explaining that he ate 2,757 meals in isolation and worshiped alone for 130 Sundays.

Additionally, he read more than 100 books and watched many propaganda films about North Korea's history, which he said allowed him to "grasp and gain a deeper understanding of the 70-year history that formed the nation."

The pastor was made to confess to "indescribable treason" back in 2015 for writing biblical phrases and the name of his church on sacks of food, which the government said represented efforts to try and overthrow the Kim regime.

Senior Pastor Jason Noh said that he was not sure what Lim's role at the church will now be, but said that the congregation's "prayers were answered."

Blogger's note: Persecution Unveiled has posted many reports of Christian persecution from various watch groups.  Visit Open Doors that ranks the top 50 countries persecuting Christians.

Persecution Unveiled has been called by God to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to speak up and act on behalf of those who have no voice.  Follow us on  Pinterest, and Google; like us on Facebook, and visit our website using this link.  

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Cuban Pastor Jailed for Homeschooling Kids Told He Can Resume Work as Church Leader, but Can't Leave His House

By Samuel Smith
Christian Post

A Cuban pastor who was jailed and later placed under house arrest because he and his wife began homeschooling their children earlier this year will now be allowed to resume his work as a church leader, a leading religious freedom watchdog group has reported.

According to Christian Solidarity Worldwide, a United Nation's accredited human rights organization, Pastor Ramon Rigal of the Church of God in Cuba made an appearance in court Tuesday where he was granted the right to resume his work for the church after he was initially barred from doing so upon his release from a correctional facility last month.
Rigal's troubles with the socialist government began in February when he and his wife, Adya, were arrested for refusing to send their children to a state-run school. The couple felt that the teachings their children were receiving in the state school emphasised a Marxist-Leninist secular ideology that cuts down their Christian beliefs.
In April, Rigal was sentenced to one year in prison, while Adya was sentenced to one year of house arrest. The Homeschool Legal Defense Association reported that during the trial, Ramon wasn't allowed to speak in his defense.
"I brought evidence that my children were learning — notebooks and materials — [but] they didn't care," Rigal was quoted as saying.
Rigal's prison sentence was reduced to house arrest in early July. CSW reports that the release from prison came with the caveat that Rigal enroll his children in state school in September. Additionally, he was barred from serving as a church leader.

CSW notes that even though Rigal has been granted permission to resume his work with the church, he and his wife are still confined to house arrest. Additionally, the issue with their children's education remains unresolved because the children have also been given scholarships to an online course through a Christian institution.
"While we welcome the news that Pastor Rigal will be able to continue leading his church, he and his wife are still under house arrest," CSW senior advocate Anna Lee Stangl said a statement. "We continue to call for the unwarranted sentences that he and his wife received to be cancelled and for the government to cease its harassment of the family and their church."

Persecution Unveiled has been called by God to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to speak up and act on behalf of those who have no voice.  Follow us on  Pinterest, and Google; like us on Facebook, and visit our website using this link.  

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sweden Tells Iranian Christian Woman Fearing Deportation It’s Her ‘Problem She Decided to Become Christian’

Open Doors Report: Iran Ranked Eighth on 'World Watch List' of World's Top 50 Countries Persecuting Christians 

By Pamela Geller

“Sweden Tells Iranian Christian Woman Fearing Deportation It’s Her ‘Problem She Decided to Become Christian,'” by Anugrah Kumar, Christian Post, August 7, 2017:
An Iranian actress, who moved to Sweden after her conversion from Islam to Christianity following a vision of Jesus in her dream, is now facing deportation and has been told by Swedish authorities “it’s not our problem if you decided to become a Christian” even if the refusal of asylum results in rape, torture or death.
“They said to me it’s your personal life and it’s not our problem if you decided to become a Christian, and it’s your problem,” Christian Broadcasting Network quoted Aideen Strandsson as saying.

Strandsson traveled to Sweden in 2014 on a work visa, and has twice been denied asylum in that country. 
“It is really dangerous for me and I don’t know why immigration doesn’t believe that,” she said. “I’m really in danger.”
However, Swedish authorities do not seem to care. “Her case has been appealed and processed by the Migration Agency and thereafter by the Swedish courts, which have also decided that she cannot be granted asylum,” Swedish migration board official Ulrika Langels told CBN.

Swedish attorney Gabriel Donner pointed out, “The (Swedish) migration board information regarding Iranian prisons tell us that torture and rape is common and it is a breach of international law to subject any person to such treatment. Some of them are killed straight off, some of them succeed in going into hiding, some of them escape to another place, but you are putting them at risk.”

Strandsson’s Iranian passport has been taken away. Her first choice is to remain in Sweden, if possible, the actress said.
“I read the Bible and I understood what Jesus said about peace, about love, about kindness, and in my heart I became a Christian when I was in Iran,” she said earlier.
Pamela Geller's report continues

Blogger's note: 
Many muslims are coming to Jesus through dreams and visions.  Please pray for Aideen that she will be given asylum and not be deported from Sweden. Pray also for Christians who are under heavy persecution in muslim countries.

Persecution Unveiled has been called by God to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to speak up and act on behalf of those who have no voice.  Follow us on  Pinterest, and Google; like us on Facebook, and visit our website using this link.