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Persecution Unveiled has established this cause to educate people about the persecution of Christians and religious minorities in the US & worldwide. Mission Raising awareness to the growing tide of bigotry and hatred toward Christians around the world has become a burden on those trying to wake up those who cherish religious freedom as a God given right. Persecution Unveiled has been called by God to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to speak up and act on behalf of those who have no voice. Email

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


By Brian in Latin America
Open Doors

In parts of Mexico, going to church is risky and dangerous. Drug cartels are treading on the heels of churches in Mexico, extending their gripping power beyond the northern states where, for many years, they have been harassing entire communities ruthlessly.

A very common practice drug traffickers have implemented to control whole communities in the territories where they operate is a “tax” collection system used to charge churches and businesses for the right to exist.

“It is a very common practice of such criminal organizations to charge churches or businesses for the right to remain open or to be allowed to organize a public meeting—similar to a public license—to collect a percentage of the proceeds of a business just like an income tax or to charge for protection. These “taxes” are commonly known as derecho de piso (floor right) or venta de protección (protection rackets),” explains Dennis Petri, the Open Doors Manager in Mexico.

A couple of pastors who have been leading a church in the center of Cuernavaca for more than 15 years, and whose names are kept anonymous for safety reasons, mentioned in an interview with Open Doors that, “charging this ‘tax’ to pastors and churches is now a common occurrence,” they explained.

*Mexico is #41 on the 2017 World Watch List.

More often than not, the imposition of these unlawful charges by the drug cartels on churches and businesses goes unreported. This is the most common form of extortion in Mexico.

“This is a recurrent theme in most of the interviews I have conducted in recent years and by far the most significant threat on church life in Mexico,” says Dennis. “According to government officials, only 10% of the cases are formally brought to court. Most of the people I interviewed indicated that this is a massive phenomenon affecting virtually all churches, while many others appear too afraid to speak about it.”

Ethiopian Girls Charged With ‘Inciting Religious Violence’ Released From Prison

By Brianna Nishie
Open Doors

Four teenage believers, three of them minors, served a one-month jail sentence after being convicted on charges of distributing Christian literature and “inciting religious violence.” The girls were reported to be “in good health” following their release from prison on Dec. 22. Gifti, 14; Mihiret, 14; Eden, 15; and Deborah, 18, served their sentences in a large prison in Gelemiso among adult criminals.

The Christian girls ordeal began when they were arrested for distributing a Christian book in the eastern Ethiopian town of Babile, not far from Harar. The book sets out to answer questions posed by a late South African Islamic scholar about the Christian faith. Local Muslims claimed the book was an insult to Islam and, on September 19, carried out a retaliatory attack on the Protestant Meserete Kristos Church (MKC) in Babile.
Over the next two days, another church was attacked, and church leaders were threatened by a group of 20 Muslim youths who reportedly visited the house of the MKC leader with a warning to leave the area or risk losing his life and property. The four girls were subsequently arrested and charged with “inciting religious violence”.

The girls first appeared in court in Babile on Sept. 28. In Ethiopia, anyone under 18 cannot be legally tried in an adult court. Nevertheless, the judge transferred the case to an adult higher court in Harar. After repeated delays and a short release on bail, the girls were sentenced at a court in Babile on Nov. 15th to each serve one month in prison.

Although Ethiopia is not a majority Muslim country, the Harari region, close to the Somali border, has a significant Muslim presence. Ethiopia’s constitution guarantees freedom of religion but Christians who formerly adhered to Islam can face discrimination, threats and sometimes attacks. Ethiopia is ranked #22 on the 2017 World Watch List of the 50 worst countries to live as a Christian produced by Open Doors.

Thank You, Father, for the courage of these four teenage girls to boldly spread the truth, even in the face of these consequences. 

Thank You for protecting them as they served their prison term. 

We pray for them now as they recover from this ordeal and as they look toward the future. 

Grant them, their parents and their church leaders the courage to continue speaking the truth of the gospel to people living in spiritual darkness and the grace to speak with godly wisdom and discernment. 

Only You, Holy Spirit, can direct them according to Your purposes, the purposes of the triune God. 

Empower and protect them. In the name of Jesus, our rock and fortress, in whom we take refuge. Amen.

Chinese Christians Sentenced for Buying, Selling Devotionals

By Editor
Christian News

LIAOYANG, Liaoning (China Aid) — A court in China’s northeastern Liaoning province sentenced five Christian leaders to three to seven years behind bars on Wednesday for purchasing and selling prohibited Christian material.

On Feb. 22, the defendants, comprised of four women and one man, learned they would be imprisoned for allegedly buying and selling “officially forbidden Christian devotional books.”

Of them, pastor Li Dongzhe and Piao Shunnan received seven years, Zhao Chunxia and Li Yuan were given five years, and Shi Jinyan was sentenced to three years. Most of them belong to a Korean ethnic minority group that resides within China, and all of them attend registered churches. They were arrested last June.

China Aid exposes such abuses in order to stand in solidarity with persecuted Christians and promote religious freedom, human rights, and rule of law.

Persecution Unveiled has been called by God to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to speak up and act on behalf of those who have no voice.  Follow us on  Pinterest, and Google; like us on Facebook, and visit our website using this link.  

Saturday, March 18, 2017

California Pastor Murdered While Meeting With Member for Prayer

By Heather Clark
Christian News

A pastor in California who was known for working with the addicted and those involved in street life was stabbed to death on Tuesday evening after going outside to counsel with and pray for one of his members.

Herbert Valero, 68, of Victory Outreach Church in Salinas thought he was just stepping out of the house to pray with Servando Silva, 37, but was suddenly stabbed in the neck with a drywall saw. He had told members that they could come to his house anytime they needed help.

“Pastor Herb told his family he was going to be outside praying with Silva. A few minutes later, Pastor Herb ran into the house holding his neck. He stated Silva had stabbed him,” Salinas Police Department Sgt. Christopher Lane told KSBW-TV.

His family immediately called 911 and Silva fled the scene. Emergency responders performed CPR, but were unable to revive Valero, and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police contacted Silva’s family and instructed them to advise when he returned home. Later that night, as patrol units were out looking for Silva, one of his relatives called 911 to notify officials that he had arrived. Silva was taken into custody and charged with first-degree murder, assault with a deadly weapon and violating his probation.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Christians Beat Down by Egyptian Authorities for Demanding Release of Girl Kidnapped by Muslims

By Samuel Smith
Christian Post

The brother of an Egyptian Christian girl who has been missing for over a month says his family was attacked by Egyptian security officials while they were protesting for the release of his sister.

According to World Watch Monitor, 18-year-old Hanan Girgis, who is from the village of Esna in Upper Egypt, has been missing since Jan. 26 and the family has accused the police of being complicit in her abduction after a suspect who admitted to having a connection with Girgis' disappearance was released by authorities.

Rezeiky Girgis, Hanan's brother, told World Watch Monitor last week that he was recently told by Civil Status Authority at the Esna police station that his sister was issued a new identification card from National Security Services and that she was given a new Muslim identity.
The family's lawyer, Barsoum Wahba, told WWM that authorities "know where Hanan is and who kidnapped her."
After hearing that Hanan had been given a new ID, family members went to the security headquarters in Luxor and insisted that she be released. However, officials reportedly insulted them and denied they knew who was holding her captive.

Hanan's family and friends later gathered outside of the security building to protest and sing worship songs. Girgis claims that his family's demonstration was interrupted by security officers who came out and assaulted them.
"They broke the leg of my 23-year-old brother and wounded my older brother, Amir, who's 28," Girgis explained.
He also said the officers "dragged my mother and beat my three aunts." He added that two other relatives were hurt in the altercation.

WATCH: Students Support Religious Freedom for Muslims, Not Christians

By Jerome Hudson

Several students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison admit that Muslims should not be forced by law to do business with Christians. Those same students, however, had a hard time agreeing that Christians or conservative Americans have the right to decline work that conflicts with their conscience or religion.

In a viral video published by Arizona-based nonprofit Alliance Defending Freedom (ADL), students were asked if they support Sophie Theallet’s decision not to dress Melania Trump.

Several students agreed that Theallet — one of many fashion designers declining to dress the first family — has every right to refuse to dress Mrs. Trump.

The students were also asked if a Muslim singer solicited by a Christian church to sing had a right to refuse.

Again, the students agreed that the Muslim singer has a right to not sing in a Christian church.

“Yeah, if that goes against your religious view, I feel you have a right to turn that down,” one student said.

The students also said that a law forcing Muslims to sing inside a Christian church should not exist.

When asked if a Christian photographer should be allowed by law to decline to shoot a same-sex wedding, the students appeared torn.

“For them,” the ADL notes, “it seems that the freedom to live and work according to your beliefs really depends on what you believe.”

Incidentally, Wisconsin resident Amy Lawson, a blogger and owner of Amy Lynn Photography, is challenging a state law forcing her to take photographs for a same-sex marriage.

Watch the full ADL video below:

Monday, March 13, 2017

Turkey to Speed Up Trial of US Pastor as Pressure Increases; Still No Evidence of Terror Claims

Pastor Andrew Brunson
By Stoyan Zaimov
Christian Post

The Turkish government will look to speed up the trial of American Christian pastor Andrew Brunson, who has been imprisoned over alleged links with a terror organization despite no evidence being presented, his attorneys said.

"What we can do at this stage is accelerate the trial," Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim apparently said last week, while answering questions from American journalists.

"As you will appreciate, judiciary matters are not directly controlled by us."

The American Center for Law and Justice, which delivered an oral intervention at the United Nations in support of Brunson, said that international pressure is increasing on the Turkish government.
"Our global legal advocacy campaign is beginning to put significant pressure on Turkey. But now is the time to ramp up that pressure," ACLJ Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow said.
"Pastor Andrew should not even be forced to face a trial. He has done nothing wrong. Turkey has produced no evidence against him. He is wrongfully being held for his Christian faith. He should be released immediately and allowed to return home to his family in America."
Brunson, who led a Protestant church in Izmir and served the people of Turkey for 23 years, was arrested along with his wife, Norine, in October, supposedly for having links to a terror organization.

While Norine was later released, the pastor remains imprisoned with little contact with anyone else.

ACLJ Senior Counsel CeCe Heil told The Christian Post in February that Turkey refuses to provide any evidence for its charges against Brunson, and noted that the pastor's case has been sealed.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Two Christians Arrested In Iran, Says Human Rights Group

By Andy Walton
Christian Today

Two Iranian Christians have reportedly been arrested and detained by Iran's Revolutionary Guard, in the latest example of discrimination against Christians by the Muslim majority state.

The Centre for Human Rights in Iran says Anoohe Rezabakhsh and her son Sohail Zargarzadeh were taken from their home by plain clothes officers.

The two converted to Catholicism from Islam.

Mansour Borji, a spokesperson for the Alliance of Iranian Churches, said: 
'Two plainclothes intelligence agents of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) entered the home of Christian converts Anoohe Rezabakhsh and her son Sohail (Augustin) Zargarzadeh in Oroumiyeh [city] without prior notice and searched the premises and took away personal items such as religious and holy books.'
Iran has a community of Christians going back thousands of years. The largest group is made up of Armenians, but there are also small communities of Assyrians, Pentecostals and other believers.

It's difficult to know how many are converting to the Christian faith because although the theocratic Shia regime claims that it offers religious freedom to minorities, it's known that there is persecution of Christians and others, such as Zoroastrians.

Anti-persecution charity Open Doors places Iran eighth on its World Watch List, meaning it's one of the most risky places to be a Christian.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Jesus Appearing To Muslim Refugees In Their Dreams, Leading Them To Embrace Him Despite Great Risks

Pastors baptize a large group of new Muslim-background believers.(Elam Ministries)

By Hazel Torres
Christian Today

These Muslims knew they risked being shunned and even killed if they turn their backs on Islam and embrace Jesus Christ instead.

But despite the great risks, scores of Muslim refugees have reportedly converted to Christianity, with some saying that Jesus appeared to them in their dreams, promising to help and save them.

For instance, a large number of Syrian Muslims who have fled their war-torn country and sought refuge in Lebanon have accepted Christ, USA Today reported.

George Saliba, Bishop of Syrian Orthodox Church in Lebanon, said he has baptized around 100 Muslim Syrian refugees since civil war broke out in Syria in 2011.

Abu Radwan, one of the new Christian converts, said Jesus appeared to him in a dream two years ago. "I started going to the church. I believed that Jesus was coming to help us, to save us," he was quoted as saying.

Radwan said he turned to Christ fully aware that he would be courting death in doing so. In fact, he said he was once stabbed while coming home from the church. He knew his attackers—they were Syrians from his own tribe.

Other Christian churches in Lebanon are also reportedly filling up with Christian converts from Lebanon, including an evangelical church in Beirut.

Countless Muslim refugees in Europe have also converted to Christianity as gauged from rising attendance in Christian churches all over Europe, according to The Guardian.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Teacher Suspended After Reading Bible Verses To His Students

By Czarina Ong
Christian Post

A primary school teacher in France was suspended after he reportedly read passages from the Bible to his students aged nine to 11.

The teacher, 40, was working for a school in Malicornay in the department of Indre in central France, according to France Bleu. His Bible-reading activity came to the attention of the school's headmaster, Pierre-François Gachet, after a "team of parents" wrote an anonymous letter complaining about the incident.

The parents accused the teacher, whose name was not revealed, of "proselytism," or trying to convert his students to his own religious beliefs. Gachet subsequently suspended the teacher for his alleged failure to observe France's strict secularism laws that require separation of religion in education.

The national school board is now conducting an inquiry into the teacher's case. Gachet said results of the investigation will be known "before mid March."

Gachet told La Croix that the aim of the investigation is to "determine whether the professor has poured into proselytism or whether he simply lacked discernment."

"At the very least, he showed a very strong taste for religious teaching," he added.

But as far as the local mayor is concerned, the suspension was a "disproportionate measure" since the teacher was actually "very much appreciated" by the pupils and parents.

Meanwhile in California, a seven-year-old boy upset his school so much for distributing Bible verses during lunchtime that school authorities even resorted to calling on a deputy sheriff to send the boy home to stop him from what he was doing, Fox News reported.

"This is a clear, gross violation of the rights of a child," said Horatio Mihet, a Liberty Counsel attorney representing the first-grader from Desert Rose Elementary School in Palmdale.