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Persecution Unveiled has established this cause to educate people about the persecution of Christians and religious minorities in the US & worldwide. Mission Raising awareness to the growing tide of bigotry and hatred toward Christians around the world has become a burden on those trying to wake up those who cherish religious freedom as a God given right. Persecution Unveiled has been called by God to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to speak up and act on behalf of those who have no voice. Email

Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Forgotten Passage: Praying for Those in Prison—As If We Were There Too

“allow your affections to be stirred to the point of action.”

By Joshua Pease
Open Doors

For eight years, Asia Bibi has been imprisoned, sitting in Pakistan’s version of death row, awaiting word on her appeal. In 2009, Bibi had a conversation with Muslim women in her village who were pressuring her to convert from Christianity. She told them Christ was alive and the true Savior and that Muhammad was dead and a fake.

She was arrested within hours.
In Oct. 2016, Bibi’s appeal was postponed and since, she has sat in her prison, largely forgotten and alone. And the question is, what does this mean for Christians in America – her brothers and sisters abroad – when we hear her story? What can we do? What does the Bible say about this?
At the end of a long, convoluted treatise on the identity of the church in this world, the writer of Hebrews ends encouraging Christians to live out their mission in Christ with each other. He instructs them to work hard, love well, submit to each other, and then in Hebrews 13:3, he says this:
Remember those in prison, as if you were there yourself. Remember also those being mistreated, as if you felt their pain in your own bodies.
This isn’t a verse many are familiar with, at least compared to the one right before it about “entertaining angels.” The idea of helping a random stranger on the road who might be a heavenly being captures the imagination, but how can we understand what it means to remember Bibi “as if you were there” and to feel her pain “in your own bodies?” 

Obviously this isn’t suggesting some sort of self-flagellating extremism. It’s not saying “sit around feeling miserable all the time.” This verse must be more than an exercise in passive empathy. So what does it mean for us practically, today?

Part of the answer is found in understanding the context. The church reading this message not only knew people in prison for their faith, but was in regular contact with them. In Roman culture being accused of a crime often led to a lengthy process of trial and punishment. 

While waiting many prisoners were dependent on the kindness of others for sustenance. Paul discusses this in his letters, thanking those who have both provided friendship and resources while he was under house arrest.

So when the writer of Hebrews tells people to “remember” it’s the type of remembering that leads to action. It not only means “think about and then pray” but “allow your affections to be stirred to the point of action.”

It’s the same for us today. Our first step is to allow God to break our hearts as we pray for our persecuted family. One way to do this is to sign up for Open Door’s Prayer Alerts. Each week, you’ll receive an email giving you practical ways you can pray for the Christians in need around the world.

Open Doors continues

Persecution Unveiled has been called by God to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to speak up and act on behalf of those who have no voice.  Follow us on  Pinterest, and Google; like us on Facebook, and visit our website using this link.  

Thursday, June 22, 2017

'The Cross is an Offense': Franklin Graham Blasts Judge's Decision to Remove 34-Foot Cross from Florida Park

By James Mcintyre
Christian Today

Franklin Graham has blasted as 'ridiculous' a decision by a federal judge ordering that a 34-foot tall cross be taken down from a Florida park on the grounds that it violates the US Constitution.

The evangelist blamed secularist organisations such as the American Humanist Association and the Freedom From Religion Foundation for 'ridiculous changes like this'.
Graham wrote on Facebook: 'The Bible tells us that the cross is an offense. That's because it represents the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ who rose from the grave after three days to redeem us from the penalty of our sins.'
US District Judge Roger Vinson wrote in his ruling: 'I am aware that there is a lot of support in Pensacola to keep the cross as is, and I understand and respect that point of view. But, the law is the law.'
The lawsuit was filed in 2016 by the secularist groups on behalf of four citizens in Pensacola, where the Florida park with the cross is located.

The judge, who appeared to reach the ruling with some reluctance, pointed out that the park has hosted tens of thousands of people for roughly 75 years without causing anyone offense – until now.

The original cross, erected in 1941 at Bayview Park, was replaced with a 34-foot, white 'Latin Cross' in 1969.

Judge Vinson noted in his ruling the 'Bayview Cross' is 'part of the rich history of Pensacola and Bayview Park in particular,' adding that it had been the focal point for Memorial Day and Veteran's Day services as well as Easter Sunrise services.
'However, after about 75 years, the Bayview Cross can no longer stand as a permanent fixture on city-owned property,' the judge ruled, directing the city of Pensacola to remove the cross within 30 days. The judge also ordered the city to pay the aggrieved plaintiffs one dollar in damages – effectively a quarter each. 
Christian Today continues

Persecution Unveiled has been called by God to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to speak up and act on behalf of those who have no voice.  Follow us on  Pinterest, and Google; like us on Facebook, and visit our website using this link.  

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Teacher Under Fire for Christian View of Marriage, Resigns after LGBT Witch Hunt

By Michael Stack
Life Action News

A California teacher resigned after a letter he wrote for the school newspaper condemning homosexuality caused backlash.

Michael Stack, a special education teacher at San Luis Obispo High School, submitted the letter to editor of the online Expressions responding to its May issue covering LGBT issues that contained a cover photo of two women kissing.

He resigned May 11, the same day someone called in a death threat for him to the school. Stack had faced criticism after citing the Bible on the sinfulness of homosexuality in the letter.

The passage he referenced (Romans 1:16-32) states that individuals who take part in homosexual acts “suffered within themselves the penalty they deserved” “as a result of this sin.”
“Since they thought it foolish to acknowledge God,” it says, “He abandoned them to their foolish thinking and let them do things that should never be done.” The passage goes on to describe various elements of wickedness and into which their lives would descend because of God’s abandonment.
“They know God’s justice requires that those who do these things deserve to die, yet they do them anyway,” it states. “Worse yet, they encourage others to do them too.”
Stack said he wrote these things “in order to lift up those who have stumbled, or may stumble, and put you back on the right path.”

Stack had written as well that the Bible teaches we are all accountable for our actions and that teachers are especially accountable.
“I love the staff and students at SLOHS. My students know that,” he said. “But I love God more, so in obedience to Him, I am writing this letter.”
Aric Sweeney, editor-in-chief of Expressions and a senior at the high school, said he decided to publish the letter after talking with his staff adviser, according to Teen Vogue.

“Good journalism includes giving voice to both sides regardless of whether or not I agree with him,” Sweeney said. “Because I’ll say up front, I disagree with everything he said in the letter to the editor but decided to include it anyway because it’s important to give him a voice.”

The city’s mayor, Heidi Harmon, was part of the pushback, promoting and taking part in a protest at the school in support of its LGBTQ community. She called the letter “unacceptable” on Facebook.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Founder of Noah's Ark Replica Claims Atheists Are Out To Get It

By Andy Walton
Christian Today

Ken Ham, the creator of the Ark Encounter theme park, claims 'intolerant athiests' and 'secularists' are trying to undermine the Kentucky attraction.

Ham has written a long blog post outlining his complaints against the way the media has covered the Ark, which opened in July 2016.

The attraction aims to portray the story of the flood as literal historical fact and has been the subject of much mainstream media interest.

Ham says articles which claim the park is failing are wrong. In the blog on the young earth creationist group Answers In Genesis website, he claims that 'reporters generally do very poor or lazy research, they will actually make things up for their agenda purposes'.
He takes particular aim at the Lexington Herald Leader, saying the newspaper, 'has been known for antagonism toward anything Christian, and Answers in Genesis has experienced this agenda from the paper over the years; what's occurred here is yet another example of its anti-Christian bias'.
The park has been dogged by controversy since its inception. Critics have queried the tax exemptions given to it, as well as the need for such a costly project in the first place. Some Christians have opposed the park and the way it has been funded.

Answers in Genesis is the most prominent young earth creationist organization with partners around the world. It has been heavily criticized by scientists for promoting anti-scientific methods.

Website: Christian Today

Blogger's note: As one who has traveled to Kentucky to tour the exact replica of Noah's Ark as recorded in the Bible, it was an affirmation of my faith. For those with or without a biblical worldview see Ken Ham's response to Bill Nye's criticism of Ark Encounter.

Persecution Unveiled has been called by God to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to speak up and act on behalf of those who have no voice.  Follow us on  Pinterest, and Google; like us on Facebook, and visit our website using this link.  

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Christian Church Destroyed as Chinese Police Drag Worshippers into Street and Beat Them

Chinese police demolished a church in a similar incident to May 2016 (pictured)
By Katie Mansfield
Sunday Express

Violence broke out in Shanggiu in Henan province after 300 police officers and officials demolished the Shuangmiao Christian Church—which was under construction.

Officers dragged out around 40 Christians with one worshipper comparing the brutal scenes to the Japanese invasion of China during the Second World War, according to charity China Aid.

Eight Christians remain in custody following the incident amid a crackdown on churches by the communist regime.

China Aid said: “During the demolition, officials beat dozens of church members, pushing them to the ground and twisting their hands.
“The church was completely razed, and a church member likened the scene to the Japanese invasion of China during World War II.
“Of the 40 Christians seized, eight are still in custody, and the cases of Shuangmiao Christian Church pastor Zhang Di and the church’s vice director, Lü Yuexia, were recently transferred to the Procuratorate, which will decide whether or not to formalize their arrest.”
The Supreme People's Procuratorate is the highest agency in China responsible for prosecutions.

According to churchgoers Xi Jinping’s Communist Party ordered the church to be destroyed after branding the building an “illegal structure”.

Party officials were sent to the church to search the building and belongings of people on site.

China Aid said the party confiscated phones and other personal property, damaged closets, smashed offering boxes, and stole laptops, money, and jewellery.

The demolition came as row between the church and government escalated over allegations the church refused to pay a £450 arbitrary road usage fee.

Pastor Zhang Di was summoned for questioning last month and accused of assaulting police officers and attacking a village official.

Church leaders are urging the government to release the pastor and churchgoers. They are also calling for police linked to the investigation to be punished.

Sunday Express article continues

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pray For Us, Say Qatar's Christians As Crisis Deepens

Qatar is number 20 on the Open Doors World Watch list, a ranking of the 50 countries where it is most difficult to be a Christian.

An aerial view of the diplomatic area in Doha, Qatar.
By Mark Woods
Christian Today

The Qatar crisis is deepening – and Christians in the Middle Eastern nation are calling for prayer for their country.

Nine nations have now moved to sever diplomatic ties with Qatar, which is scheduled to host the World Cup in 2022 after a controversial selection process.

The oil-rich country's inhabitants are now facing steep price rises for food and other goods as almost all food is imported. Airlines have halted flights and diplomats have been withdrawn.

The move is in response to Qatar's alleged support of the Muslim Brotherhood, regarded as a terrorist organisation by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabia also distrusts its closeness to Iran, and Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim Al Hamad Al Thani was recently reported to have made critical comments about US President Donald Trump; however, US analysts believe the reports were the work of Russian hackers intent on destabilising the relationship between allies.

While Qatar is a Muslim country, tens of thousands of Christian foreign workers live there.

Persecution watchdog Open Doors has spoken to Christian leaders who have asked for prayer for their situation.
'Life goes on, almost as normal,' said one. 'For us believers, life is same as last week, but please do pray for our safety. There are crowds in the supermarkets because people are scared and are buying food to stock.'
The same church leader said there have been special prayer gatherings by Christians to intercede for the leaders in Qatar and its neighbouring countries. 

'Because of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting for the Muslims, most of the companies have cut the working hours by 50 per cent. Also, Christian workers only have to work half days, so they have more time go to Church and to pray.'

Christian Today report continues

Persecution Unveiled has been called by God to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to speak up and act on behalf of those who have no voice.  Follow us on  Pinterest, and Google; like us on Facebook, and visit our website using this link.  

Monday, June 5, 2017

Local Market Bales on Christian Farmers

Family Research Council

You will know them by their fruits -- and at a prominent Michigan orchard, that was certainly true of the Tennes Family. Steve and Bridget, a husband and wife team who have poured their hearts into their 120-acre farm, have never shied away from their Christian faith. And now, they can’t sell their produce at the East Lansing Farmers Market because of it.

In another astounding case of intolerance, Country Mill Orchards was kicked out of the sellers group last August when city officials got wind of the couple’s biblical views on marriage.

After seven years of hosting one of the most popular stalls at the market, they’ve been pushed out because they dared to agree with 53 percent of the American people! Of course, the irony is, the Tenneses never mentioned marriage at the market -- this was all the result of a Facebook fishing expedition from a potential wedding client.

When two women asked to be married on the farm in 2014, the Tennes turned them down, explaining that because of their faith, they referred same-sex couples to neighboring farms. Two years later, the couple decided to launch a social media smear campaign, urging people to stay away from Country Mill. 

When their post was brought to East Lansing’s attention, local leaders raced to pass an ordinance directly targeting small business owners like the Tenneses. In a press conference this week, Steve could only shake his head at the strong-arm tactics of the Left.
“East Lansing [had] posted on their Facebook page: ‘We love the Country Mill.’ That came to an abrupt end that same August [when the family went public with their views].
"Because of our beliefs,”Steve went on, “the city of East Lansing strongly and immediately pressured us not to return to the farmers market that very weekend. Ultimately, the city developed a new policy to target and block our farm from further participation in their city-run farmers market.”
And here’s the kicker: the Tenneses not only serve people who identify as LGBT -- they employ them! But that’s not enough for the extreme Left, who will accept nothing less than the full and complete surrender of every Christian’s First Amendment rights.
As Steve pointed out, “Our faith and beliefs on marriage and hosting weddings at our home and in our backyard of our farm have nothing to do with the city of East Lansing. Nor does it have anything to do with the produce that we sell to the people that attend the farmers markets who are from all backgrounds and all beliefs.”
The attack on the Tenneses is especially upsetting since both Steve and Bridget are military veterans, and they -- more than anyone -- know the price of freedom.
“We were surprised, and we were shocked,” Steve told Fox News’s Todd Starnes. “My wife and I both volunteered to serve in the military to protect freedom. Now we come home and the freedom that we worked to protect, we have to defend in our own backyard.”

Persecution Unveiled has been called by God to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to speak up and act on behalf of those who have no voice.  Follow us on  Pinterest, and Google; like us on Facebook, and visit our website using this link.  

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Anti-Semitism Now ‘Fashionable’ in the US, Warn Experts

Attacks Against Jews Account for Close to 60% of Hate Crimes, Despite Strong Cooperation Between Government Agencies to Combat the Scourge

By Cathryn J. Prince
The Times of Israel

Not a week seems to go by without an anti-Semitic attack in the United States – either verbal or violent – against Jews.
“Unfortunately anti-Semitism has become fashionable again,” Rabbi Joseph Potasnik, executive vice president for the New York Board of Rabbis, told The Times of Israel. “It’s not a big deal to hate the Jews. The first group that gets attacked is the Jews.”
This week, a Boise woman attacked her Jewish neighbor and stood on her neck until she said she believes in Jesus. Also this week, swastikas were spray painted on some 30 homes in Madison, Wisconsin.

In January, pro-Palestinian protesters stormed a New York City Council meeting that was discussing a resolution commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. And later in the month in California, two swastikas were found spray painted onto the wall and at the doorstep of the Jewish Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi) fraternity at UC Davis.

Following the defacement of Emory University’s AEPi house with swastikas last September, members of the AEPi chapter at Washington University in St. Louis posed in front of their house with signs in support of their Emory brothers and against anti-Semitism (courtesy)
“Unfortunately, far too few have said too little for too long,” Potasnik said.
The New York rabbi couples these recent domestic examples of anti-Semitism to what’s going on in the rest of the world. The terror attack this week outside a synagogue in Denmark in which a 22-year-old lone shooter killed volunteer guard Dan Uzan is the latest in a string of violent European incidents.

The United States is not immune to the scourge.

“The world is witnessing an alarming rise in acts of anti-Semitism, and we must all do what we can to respond to this growing threat,” said Eric S. Goldstein, CEO of the UJA-Federation of New York. “History has shown us the ramifications of silence.
The Anti-Defamation League warned in a recent statement just what those ramifications are.
“There must be a clear and consistently reinforced and maintained understanding that the hatred, bigotry and prejudice against Jews that threatens the future of Jewish life in many places is indeed an assault on the well-being and sense of security for all minorities and on society as a whole,” said Michael A. Salberg, the Anti-Defamation League’s Director of International Affairs.
And while the number may wax and wane in the United States from year to year, the fact is more than half of all religiously motivated hate crimes target Jews and Jewish institutions.
“Very disturbingly nearly 60 percent of religious-based crimes are against Jews,” said Michael Lieberman, director of the Civil Rights Policy Planning Center for the Anti-Defamation League.
The Jewish Times continues 

Friday, June 2, 2017

Nine Christians 'Shot Dead' by Islamist Militants in Philippines as Chaos Descends on City after Church Kidnappings

An armoured personnel carrier belonging to government troops drives along a main highway of Pantar town, 
Lanao Del Norte, as it travels to reinforce Marawi city, southern Philippines May 24, 2017

By James Macintyre
Christian Today

Nine Christian civilians have reportedly been shot dead after being forced off their truck and having their hands tied together by Islamist militants in Marawi city in the Philippines. According to local reports, members of the militant so-called Maute group murdered the group by a check-point after they were identified as Christian.

Harrowing local television images show the Christians lying dead face-down in the grass, amid reports that villagers are afraid to move the bodies because terrorists are still in the area. A policeman was similarly caught at a checkpoint set up by the militants and beheaded on Wednesday, President Rodrigo Duterte said.

News of the killings come as chaos descended on the Muslim-majority Marawi city, where the Filipino army has sent in about 100 soldiers, including US military.

Thousands of citizens have fled after the Maute group torched several buildings and occupied various parts of Marawi. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has imposed martial law on Mindanao Island, which includes Marawi, in an attempt to curtail the chaos. He promised the military rule would be 'harsh'.

'I warned everybody not to force my hand into it,' Duterte said, according to The National. 'I have to do it to preserve the republic.'

Attention has also been focused on the kidnapping of a local priest and his parishioners who were taken hostage by the Maute group on Tuesday.

The president of Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines appealed for prayers for the hostages. He said: 
'Fr Chito Suganob and others were in the Cathedral of St Mary's when members of the Maute fighting group forced their way into the cathedral, taking with them Fr Chito and others as hostages. They have threatened to kill the hostages if the government forces unleashed against them are not recalled.'
 Christian News report continues

Bloggers note: Please pray for God's protection and swift release of Fr. Chito and the hostages. Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

Persecution Unveiled has been called by God to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to speak up and act on behalf of those who have no voice.  Follow us on  Pinterest, and Google; like us on Facebook, and visit our website using this link.  

Saturday, May 27, 2017

'We Trust Jesus to Walk with You': Persecuted Christians Around the World Pray for Manchester

By Ruth Gledhill
Christian Today

Normally, it is Christians in the West who are accustomed to being asked to pray for their persecuted brothers and sisters around the world.

But now, persecuted Christians are themselves joining in prayer – for the victims of the Manchester terror attack.

According to the Christian persecution charity Open Doors, believers in some of the countries where it is most dangerous to be a Christian have shared their messages of support.
'It is precisely because they live under the constant threat of terrorism and violence that they are able to empathise with all of those caught up in this terrible attack,' said Open Doors.
One nun in Pakistan, who has helped many victims of terror in her own country, said: 
'I was a student in Manchester for three years. There, God called me to serve his Church. There I met people who prayed for the persecuted Church. I was moved by how believers really did pray for those who are suffering.
'Today, my team and I remember our praying friends and family in the UK. Today, we assure you that in your pain and grief and shock, in the trauma and tragedy of it all, we are standing by you and trusting Jesus, Emmanuel, to walk with you and comfort you and wipe your tears. We journey together.'
A pastor from Bangladesh said:
'I am shocked to hear this news as the UK is a highly protected country. I'm praying for the affected people and their families; may God pour His love and blessing over them. May God change the minds of the people who are behind the brutal attack, that they may also be caught by the fear of God. At the same time, we praying for our country, that God will save us all from these kinds of attacks.'
A church worker in Malaysia said: 
'I pray for those who have lost loved ones that God will comfort them in their sorrows. I also pray that this tragedy will help open our eyes to see the great need to share the truth of Jesus to all; for only His love can help them lay down their bombs.'
A young Christian, also from Malaysia, said: 
The first thought that came to my mind after I heard the bombing was "Why did he do it?" I cannot understand the reason why that man blew himself up and took the lives of others as well. But I can understand how you, our brothers and sisters in UK, feel. My heart goes out to you and I pray for God to comfort you in your grief.'
Photo of secret church leaders in Vietnam praying for
Manchester, blurred to protect identities. (Open Doors)

Christian Today Continues With prayers for Manchester Victims

Persecution Unveiled has been called by God to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to speak up and act on behalf of those who have no voice.  Follow us on  Pinterest, and Google; like us on Facebook, and visit our website using this link.