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Persecution Unveiled has established this cause to educate people about the persecution of Christians and religious minorities in the US & worldwide. Mission Raising awareness to the growing tide of bigotry and hatred toward Christians around the world has become a burden on those trying to wake up those who cherish religious freedom as a God given right. Persecution Unveiled has been called by God to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to speak up and act on behalf of those who have no voice. Email

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Chinese Christians Cry after Receiving Their First Bible

                                                             Photo courtesy: Chris Liu/Unsplash

By Michael Faust
Christian Headlines

A video showing Chinese Christians shouting for joy and even crying after receiving their first Bibles has sparked a range of emotions from believers in the United States.

International Christian Concern posted the video on its website and on social media this month as part of its new campaign to raise money for Bibles to be sent to countries where Christianity is either outlawed or severely restricted.
“In the West, we often take the Bible for granted, but I recently saw a video … of underground Chinese seminary students receiving their first Bible,” wrote Jeff King, president of International Christian Concern.
 “When the boxes were opened, they all converged on the box to make sure they got their own copy. Each one then held their Bible, kissed it, and wept. They had finally received the book that gives life!”
The video is at least five years old and shows several dozen Christians in a building opening the box. International Christian Concern said none of the Christians are in danger because of its release.

On Facebook, Christians in the U.S. said the video is convicting.
“If only we had the same zeal as these students,” Susan Elise Pearson wrote on International Christian Concern’s Facebook page.
Added another person, Charity Meyer, “How beautiful. It made me realize how much I take reading and holding my Bible for granted and that my life is so easy.”
Satan “knows well that the Bible is the most dangerous book in the world,” King said.
“Everywhere it goes, it smuggles Jesus and His Spirit into the hearts of dead and dying humanity, and exposes Satan and his schemes,” King wrote. “The Bible is, in fact, spiritual fertilizer. Everywhere it goes, life springs up.”
Michael Foust is a freelance writer. Visit his blog,

Video courtesy: International Christian Concern

Persecution Unveiled has been called to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to pray for, speak up and act on behalf of those who are persecuted for their faith. Follow us on Pinterest, and Google and like us on Facebook.

China Tears Down Church’s Cross, Arrests Members, Raises Chinese Flag

Chinese officials have removed crosses from an estimated 4,000 churches in Henan.

                                                  Photo courtesy: Aaron Burden/Unsplash

By Michael Foust
Christian Headlines

Chinese officials arrested a pastor and three of his church members last month after they objected to the forced removal of a cross on church property.

All four are members of Zhongxin Church in the province of Henan. The action was part of a widespread crackdown on Christianity across Henan that often has included the removal of crosses, sometimes with cranes, China Aid and International Christian Concern (ICC) reported.

In recent years, Chinese officials have removed crosses from an estimated 4,000 churches in Henan.

Pastor Li Juncai, along with church members Wu Raoyun, Bai Yun and Ma Yanfang were arrested and charged with “disrupting public service” after they stood against the forced removal of the church’s cross. Government officials installed a flagpole in place of the cross to fly the Chinese flag.

The 700-member Zhongxin Church formerly was part of the Three-Self -sanctioned Protestant movement. It withdrew in 2013, according to ICC.

Four days after the pastor and church members were arrested, government officials returned to tear down the cross. They pushed away protesters, including the elderly.
“They hit people! The law enforcement hit people and drove the elderly away. They forcibly destroyed the lock and opened the gate. They are just like bandits,” one observer told International Christian Concern.
ChinaAid said the government sent “hundreds” of officials to remove the cross.
“They broke into the church via a side door, forced protesters away from the church’s main gate, and propped the gate open so that two cranes could enter,” ChinaAid said.
Michael Foust is a freelance writer. Visit his blog,

Persecution Unveiled has been called to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to pray for, speak up and act on behalf of those who are persecuted for their faith. Follow us on Pinterest, and Google and like us on Facebook.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

California May Evict 84-Year-Old for Bible Study in Veterans Home

                                                  Photo courtesy: Lucas Sankey/Unsplash

By Michael Foust
Christian Headlines

The California Department of Veterans Affairs is threatening to evict an 84-year-old widow from her California Veterans Home if she continues to hold Bible studies, according to her attorney.

The woman, Artis Breau, has volunteered as a chaplain and led Bible studies over the past decade.

The controversy began last September when one of the residents said he had trouble sleeping after having a conversation with her about heaven and hell. Officials with the California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet) labeled it elder abuse and emotional abuse, according to the Pacific Justice Institute.

Her volunteer status within the chaplaincy program was suspended in December. Then, on March 1, CalVet told the Pacific Justice Institute that Breau would be subjected to an “involuntary discharge” from the home if she continued leading Bible studies.

Breau believes officials are skeptical of her because she is an evangelical Jewish believer in Christ.
“CalVet’s treatment of this widow is shameful,” said Pacific Justice Institute attorney Matthew McReynolds.
 “Throughout this process, we have been deeply disturbed not only by the lack of constitutional guidelines, ineptitude, and lack of due process in the investigation, but even more by the notion that discussing religious views on the eternal state of the soul is somehow elder abuse or emotional abuse."
“Our client’s husband fought for his country to preserve the freedoms now being threatened by CalVet. Our veterans deserve better.”
Breau was a civilian employee in the office of the chief of staff of the Army at the Pentagon during the Korean War. Her husband served in World War II and the Korean War.

The Pacific Justice Institute is considering a lawsuit.
“This shocking attack from the State against our client’s exercise of religious convictions is deeply disturbing,” said Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Institute.
 “The State seeks to punish Artis based on non-existent directives, and deprive her of a personal ministry to the veterans who have benefited from her religious services for years. Artis isn’t fighting just for herself, but for the Gospel and for the residents who are unable to fight for themselves against the State’s attempted intimidation.”
Website: Christian Headlines 

Persecution Unveiled has been called to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to pray for, speak up and act on behalf of those who are persecuted for their faith. Follow us on Pinterest, and Google and like us on Facebook.

Chinese Official Vows to Eliminate Christianity in China

                                                                         Photo courtesy: Pixabay
By Amanda Casanova
Christian Headlines

A Chinese official says the country is vowing to eliminate Christianity in China, according to The Christian Post.

Xu Xiaohong, head of the National Committee of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement of the Protestant Churches in China, says there are “problems” with Christianity in the country, calling the religion an “infiltration.”
“[We] must recognize that Chinese churches are surnamed ‘China,’ not ‘the West’,” Xu told delegates to the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.
“The actions by anti-China forces that attempt to affect our social stability or even subvert the regime of our country are doomed to fail,” he added.
He said he is worried that Christianity is a “western” influence that isn’t best for the country.
“Therefore, people often say: "One more Christian, one less Chinese,” Xu said, according to Xinhua News Agency.
“For individual black sheep who, under the banner of Christianity, participate in subverting national security, we firmly support the country to bring them to justice,” he added.
China already has a “sinicization campaign” that works to bring religions under the country’s official atheist’s party control.

Part of that campaign includes trying to make the country’s religions more “Chinese” and even rewriting the New Testament with Buddhist and Confucian teaching.

The government must approve any Christian churches in China and religious activities are strictly monitored and regulated. Christians who do not adhere to the laws are sometimes arrested.
“Somehow, men and women of faith are viewed as a threat to the Chinese Communist Party,” he said. “It is clear that China’s misguided and cruel policies in Xinjiang are creating resentment, hatred, division, poverty, and anger.”
Website: Christian Headlines  

Persecution Unveiled has been called to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to pray for, speak up and act on behalf of those who are persecuted for their faith. Follow us on Pinterest, and Google and like us on Facebook.

Kenyan pastor who ministers to ex-Muslims beaten with clubs, hospitalized

“Believers who left Islam to follow Jesus are often killed on the spot when discovered. Al-Shabab has continuously expressed its desire to eradicate Christians from the country.”

People carry wooden crosses, symbolizing the people killed by gunmen
 at the Garissa University College, as they arrive for a memorial vigil at 
the "Freedom Corner" in Kenya's capital Nairobi, April 7, 2015. |
 (Photo: Reuters/Goran Tomasevic)
By Samuel Smith
Christian Post

A pastor in Kenya who disciples former Muslims in their walks with Christ was beaten unconscious by a group of angry Muslims and hospitalized last week.

Morning Star News reports that a pastor on the outskirts of Garissa near the border of Somalia suffered a broken femur (thighbone) and other injuries last Friday night when he was attacked by a group of men while on his way home from a prayer gathering in Garissa.

The pastor, only referred to by the first name Abdul, claims to have been beaten by men with wooden clubs and essentially left for dead. Although he didn’t recognize his attackers, they are reported as being several Somali Muslims.

The pastor, who came to Christ about seven years ago, is 30 years old and is a father of three children ages 8, 5 and 3.

According to Morning Star News, an independent nonprofit news organization that covers Christian persecution across the globe, Abdul is the leader of an underground church made up of 30 former Muslims whom he disciples in small groups.

He explained that even though he tried to keep his missionary movements secret, Muslim extremists were still able to find out about his ministry.

The pastor claims one of the attackers told him: “We have been following your movements and your evil plans of changing Muslims to Christianity.”
“Immediately several assailants began hitting me with wooden clubs, and I became unconscious,” the pastor recalled. “I woke up and found myself surrounded by neighbors. I was rescued by the neighbors who found me in a pool of blood.”
Abdul was taken to the hospital in Garissa, the capital city of Garissa County in the eastern part of the country. Since it is near the border of Somalia, the city is predominantly ethnic Somali.

Abdul said that in addition to the pain in his thigh, he has pain in his waist, back and near the ankle of his left leg.
“I’m almost unable to bear the pain. My family is in great fear, and Christians have located us to another place,” he was quoted as saying. “Our prayer, for now, is to get a safe place for my family. My life and that of my family is at stake.”
While Kenya is ranked 40th on the Open Doors USA’s 2019 World Watch List of countries with the greatest levels of Christian persecution, Somalia is ranked third.

An estimated 99 percent of Somalis are Muslim and the country is home to one of the world’s most brutal Islamic extremist groups: al-Shabaab. Al-Shabaab has carried out a number of deadly attacks against Christians in eastern Kenya.

Persecution Unveiled has been called to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to pray for, speak up and act on behalf of those who are persecuted for their faith. Follow us on Pinterest, and Google and like us on Facebook.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Jack Phillips Vindicated as 'Overwhelming Evidence' Exposes State 'Hostility' Against Christian Baker

By Benjamin Gill
CBN News

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is reporting that the transgender cake case against Christian baker Jack Phillips is being dropped.

ADF says it was nothing more than anti-religious "harassment" that came even though Phillips had just won his previous case at the US Supreme Court.

Members of the Colorado Civil Rights Commission (CCRC) who had come after Phillips have now been exposed by what ADF called "overwhelming evidence" of clear hostility toward religious freedom.

Phillips' Masterpiece Cakeshop was under fire again because he said his Christian beliefs prevented him from creating a cake that celebrated a transgender transition. An attorney had targeted Phillips with that transgender cake. That same attorney later asked Phillips to also design a cake with satanic themes and images.

The US Supreme Court had already ruled in the previous case that was brought against Phillips by CCRC that governments and state officials cannot show religious hostility in their decisions. Now there's new evidence that's what CCRC was doing with their second legal attack against him.
"The state of Colorado is dismissing its case against Jack, stopping its six and a half years of hostility toward him for his beliefs," said ADF Senior Vice President of US Legal Division Kristen Waggoner, who had argued on behalf of Phillips at the US Supreme Court.
"Jack's victory is great news for everyone. Tolerance and respect for good-faith differences of opinion are essential in a diverse society like ours," Waggoner continued. "But the state's demonstrated and ongoing hostility toward Jack because of his beliefs is undeniable."
One commissioner had already been exposed for calling Phillips a "hater" on Twitter. And former commissioner Diann Rice had called religious freedom "a despicable piece of rhetoric," prompting the US Supreme Court to rule against the Colorado commission for its anti-religious bigotry.

Christian Teen in Pakistan Abducted and Forcefully Converted to Islam

Olivia Miller
ICC Persecution
On February 6, Sadaf Maish, age 13, of Cholistan, Wichra Bangla, Bahawalpur was abducted by Maqbool Hussain, Mubashir Hussain Baloch, and Azhir Hussain Baloch. When Sadaf’s family became aware of her abduction, they reached out to the family of the abductors who told them that Sadaf would be returned to them.

After eight days, the abductors told the Christian family that Sadaf was married and had converted to Islam. They then showed the family a marriage certificate which falsely claimed Sadaf was 18, an age old enough to get legally married in Pakistan. The abductors then threatened Sadaf’s family saying that if they tried to contact Sadaf there would be “consequences of the law”.

Abductions and forced conversions to Islam are unfortunately common for religious minorities in Pakistan. The Movement for Solidarity and Peace Pakistan estimated that nearly 1,000 women from Pakistan’s Christian and Hindu communities are abducted, raped, and forcefully converted to Islam each year.

Website: ICC Persecution

Persecution Unveiled has been called to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to pray for, speak up and act on behalf of those who are persecuted for their faith. Follow us on Pinterest, and Google and like us on Facebook.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Federal Court Rules Christian Student Group Cannot be Removed from University for Biblical View on Marriage

Federal Court Rules Christian Student Group Cannot be Removed from University for Biblical View on Marriage
                                                           Photo courtesy: Mercedes Mehling/Unsplash

By Amanda Casanova
Christian Headlines

The University of Iowa cannot remove a Christian student group’s registered status after the group prohibited a gay student from a leadership role, a federal court has ruled.

U.S. District Judge Stephanie M. Rose approved a permanent injunction that forces the University of Iowa to reverse its decision and recognize Business Leaders in Christ as a registered student organization.

She said in her opinion that the school applies its human rights policy “unevenly.”
"The Constitution does not tolerate the way defendants chose to enforce the human rights policy," she said. "Particularly when free speech is involved, the uneven application of any policy risks the most exacting standard of judicial scrutiny, which the defendants have failed to withstand."
The university had threatened to strip the group of its registered status after the group barred a gay student from taking on a leadership role. The university said that action violated the school’s human rights policy.

Senior counsel Eric Baxter, of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, the group representing the student organization, called the judge’s ruling a “win for basic fairness.”

The group released a statement after the court ruling, saying “universities can’t target religious student groups for being religious.”
“We are grateful the court protected our rights today—to let us have the same right as all student groups to express our viewpoints freely on campus, and to be who we are,” Business Leaders in Christ group member Jake Estell said.
The group requires leaders to sign a “statement of faith” that says sexual relationships are only between a married husband and wife.

Website: Christian Headlines

Group Wants to Ban WWII POW's Bible from Veterans Memorial

A Bible donated by a World War II veteran on display in a Manchester VA Medical Center memorial is being targeted by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.
A Bible donated by a World War II veteran on display in a Manchester VA
Medical Center memorial is being targeted by the Military Religious Freedom
Foundation. Office of Public Affairs, Manchester VA Medical Center via AP
By Caleb Parke
Fox News

A Bible at the center of a Manchester VA Medical Center display has been targeted by an outside group for being "intolerable" and "unconstitutional."

The Bible, carried by a prisoner of war in World War II, was donated and displayed on the Missing Man Table memorial honoring missing veterans and POWs. But it was removed when the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) complained about its presence.

The VA then moved it to a display case, but Mikey Weinstein, the founder of MRFF, complained again, calling it even more objectionable.

But veterans in the area say the Bible is a historical symbol, not an attempt to stuff religion down anyone's throat.
"That Bible is not just a religious artifact," Paul Martin of the Northeast POW-MIA Network told WMUR. "What it means is this guy held on to love, faith, and hope, family, and trust in this nation -- that they would do everything they possibly could to bring him home."
The POW-MIA network said it is doing all it can to move the Bible back to the memorial that was set up last year.

VA officials said in a statement that they "consulted with appropriate legal counsel before placing this treasured WWII artifact, which happens to be a Bible, with the display and is confident that this does not impinge on Constitutional protections."

But Weinstein disagrees.
"That is still a Christian Bible," Weinstein said. "It is still promoting -- particularly in the surrounding aspect of the POW-MIA remembrance, one of the most sacred things you could do in the military -- one faith over another faith."
Website: Fox News

Thursday, February 28, 2019

5 Things Christians Should Know about the Crisis in Venezuela

                                               Photo courtesy: Getty Images
By Kayla Koslosky
Christian Headlines

In 1999, Hugo Chávez was elected as President in Venezuela. According to Encyclopaedia Britannica, Chávez was seen as a beacon of hope in a nation that was struggling. Before assuming office, the Venezuelan people were disenchanted with the democratic administration that left more than 50 percent of all Venezuelan citizens in poverty. In hopes that he would follow through on promises of prosperity, the Venezuelan people elected Chávez as their president in 1999.

This would be the beginning of social and political unrest in Venezuela.

Chávez – who had taken to overspending the government’s wealth on social programs – would stay in office until his death in 2013. While in office, Chávez managed to nationalize the petroleum sector, telecommunications, electricity, steel and cement companies. He also introduced a referendum in 2009 which eliminated term-limits. The referendum was approved.

After Chávez died of cancer in February 2013, Nicolás Maduro was appointed President.

Within Maduro’s first year as president, inflation climbed to over 50 percent and the economy took a nose dive. The socialist dictator began disregarding legislature’s votes and declaring renewable states of emergency that gave the military more power to “maintain public order.” By 2017, the International Monetary Fund found that the Venezuelan GDP had dropped by 14 percent and the inflation rate was at 2,400 percent.

In what many believe to be a rigged election, Maduro won re-election in 2018. Soon after, the head of the National Assembly and the opposition party's newly elected leader Juan Guaidó declared himself the nations acting president and was widely recognized on the international stage.

Guaidó, however, has little power over the country as Maduro maintains military control.


                  Photo courtesy: Getty Images/Joe Raedle/Staff


According to the BBC, in recent years, some three million Venezuelans have fled from the country because of political corruption, violence, and crippling poverty. According to a 2017 Bengoa-Enconvi survey, eight out of 10 Venezuelans reported that they were eating less because they did not have enough food at home and six out of 10 said they had gone to bed hungry because they could not afford to buy food.

The BBC reports that the survey also found that 64.3 percent of people had lost about 25 pounds on average in 2017, nine out of ten people reported that they could not afford their daily food and 8.2 million people reported having two or fewer meals a day. With hyperinflation destroying the value of the bolivar, most Venezuelan’s are finding it difficult to afford any of the basic necessities including food and toiletries.
                  Photo courtesy: Getty Images/Joe Raedle/Staff


According to the World Atlas, Venezuela is the home to some 31 million people. Of the 31 million living in the Latin American country, 88 percent of them identify as Christians – 71 percent as Roman Catholic and 17 percent as Protestant. According to the International Mission Board, however, along with the social, political and economic climate, the religious climate is also regressing.

Two IMB missionaries who lived and worked in Venezuela for nearly three decades said that Maduro has immortalized Chavez, exalting him as a god. According to the IMB, “Maduro created a cult that glorifies the ‘eternal commander,’ making Chavez’s burial place a center of worship and prayer to Chavez.” Maduro also shared that “he communes with Chavez,” and performs ritual sacrifices at the presidential palace in honor of Chavez. 

Reportedly, some churches have even removed “our Father” from the Lord’s Prayer in exchange for “Our Chavez, who art in heaven.” The IMB reports that government officials are participating in rampant idol worship, spiritism, witchcraft and materialism.

Continue reading Christian Headlines article here

Israel Terminates 'Government Christian Forum' Shocking Local Christians

                                                           Photo courtesy: Faruk Kaymak/Unsplash
By Kayla Kosolosky
Christian Headlines

The Israeli government has canceled a five-year-old forum that works to build relationships between Israeli Christians and the government.

According to CBN News, Israel’s head of the Desk of Minorities Affairs, Dr. Mordechai (Moti) Zaken, announced that the forum – which was founded in 2013 - was outside of the government's scope and it would have to be terminated. In a statement, Zaken said, “I have been informed that the Forum does not fall within the scope of the Public Security Ministry. Therefore, I have no choice but to discontinue the activity of the Forum as part of that ministry.”

The unexpected announcement reportedly sent shock waves through the Christian community in Israel. According to CBN News, several local Christians voiced their disappointment noting that by eliminating the forum, the Christian community in Israel will have no place to air their grievances.

In a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a local Christian named David Pileggi of Rector Christ Church Jerusalem, voiced concern for the cancellation saying, “Only Dr Moti Zaken, the head the Minority Affairs desk at the Ministry of Public Security has been consistently helpful. 

This group meets to find practical solutions to the problems of the evangelical community here in Israel, issues such as visas, harassment at the airport, finding ways for young Christians to serve in the IDF and more. Unfortunately, this Forum has been terminated by the Ministry of Public security leaving us in the Christian community no real address to take our problems.”

Former Chair of the Evangelical Alliance Israel Pastor Chuck Kopp voiced his disappointment in a statement to CBN News saying he was “saddened to know about this negative step that isolates millions of Evangelicals around the world who look to Jerusalem as their spiritual home.”

He continued, “We want communion and connection to the government of Israel and the efforts of Dr. Moti Zaken, Phd. have helped in countless ways to foster this relationship. We have treasured our time together and to have the rug pulled out from under him at this time is very tragic.”

Reportedly, during the forum’s last meeting, government officials met with local Christian organizations in order to find a solution that would help Christian’s avoid harassment in airports. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

US Supreme Court Struggling to Determine Fate of 40-Foot Tall Bladensburg Cross

"If this decision stands, other memorials, including those in nearby Arlington Cemetery, will be targeted for destruction as well."

By Michael Gryboski
Christian Post

U.S. Supreme Court justices appear to be struggling with whether a 40-foot tall cross honoring the veterans of World War I should be removed from a memorial, according to supporters and opponents who attended oral arguments today.

Last November, the Supreme Court agreed to hear oral arguments in the consolidated cases of America Legion, et al. v. American Humanist Association and Maryland-National Capital Park v. American Humanist Association, et al. Those arguments were held on Wednesday morning.

Alexandra McPhee, director of Religious Freedom Advocacy at the Family Research Council, helped draft their amicus brief and attended the oral arguments.

In an interview with The Christian Post following oral arguments, McPhee explained that the Supreme Court justices appeared to be searching for a “limiting principle,” which involves finding clear limits on government powers.

“What I found interesting was the idea of where to draw the line is so unclear in current Establishment Clause law,” explained McPhee.
McPhee said the American Legion, which is arguing in defense of the Bladensburg Cross, was supporting a more “objective standard” which has “greater historical grounding.”

McPhee cited Town of Greece v. Galloway, the 2014 Supreme Court decision which concluded that town meetings could open with sectarian prayers, noting that in that case the high court “looked at the nation’s traditions, especially at the time of the founding.”

“And what the American Legion argued was that at the time of the founding something like a religious display would not be a violation of the Establishment Clause unless it was somehow coercive,” continued McPhee.
Richard B. Katskee, legal director at Americans United for Separation of Church and State who also attended oral arguments Wednesday morning, told CP that he believed the high court was unpersuaded by the American Legion.
“The justices clearly were not buying the argument from the American Legion for a simple clear test. ‘You can just look for coercion and that settles everything.’ They were frustrated by that,” said Katskee.
“I think in general the justices were struggling to figure out whether there is or can be one clear simple test, and I think that they came out with the same questions they went in with.”
In 2012, the American Humanist Association told the Maryland National Park and Planning Commission to remove the cross from the memorial.

In February 2014, the AHA sued the Planning Commission on behalf of two members who lived in the area and another person who lived in Beltsville.

Christian Post article continues here

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Persecution Rising in China: And Things Could Get Worse

Persecution Rising in China: And Things Could Get Worse

By John Stonestreet, Roberto Rivera

The steadily deteriorating state of religious freedom in China has been a frequent topic of late, both here on BreakPoint and other media outlets. The picture is bleak. An estimated one million Muslim Uighurs have been detained in what are essentially re-education camps, as part of an attempt to erase their religious and cultural identity.

There’s also been a strong assault on Chinese Christianity. What little freedom Chinese Christians had is now being taken away: Provincial officials have demolished crosses, cracked down on house churches, arrested pastors, and put officially-recognized churches under tighter control.

Thus, the recent report out of Liaoning province, a region near the border with North Korea, shouldn’t surprise us. It should trouble and appall us, but not surprise us.

According to the Australian website MercatorNet, the Education Bureau of Lishan district” in Liaoning “issued a plan for the campaign to resist religious beliefs in kindergartens.”
The plan prohibits schools from “hiring [new] teachers who hold religious beliefs.” With regard to existing teachers, it calls for increased supervision, including “comprehensive inspections of teachers’ preparation for lessons in order to root out any and all religious content.”
But the plan doesn’t stop with teachers. Students, as well as teachers, are now required to “sign a commitment statement promising they won’t browse religious websites or participate in religious forums.” The statement reads in part, “I will adhere to the correct political direction, advocate science, promote atheism, and oppose theism.”

These are kindergartners!

It’s not only in that province. Students in other parts of China have also been coerced into signing anti-religious pledges. And there are reports of students who, because they refused to sign, have been beaten.
Unfortunately, short of divine intervention, it may be that things will get significantly worse. As I’ve told you before on BreakPoint, Xi Jinping has become the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao. Like Mao, Xi has fostered a cult of personality. He calls himself lingxiu, a reverential term for “leader” not heard since the days of Mao. It’s very similar to what Fuehrer means in German. Fawning coverage of Xi in official media borders on self-parody.

Christians have been in the crosshairs of the Xi Jinping cult. Believers in south China have been forced to take down pictures of Jesus from their walls and replace them with pictures Xi Jinping.

Not only is he a jealous would-be god, he’s also an insecure one. To understand why, you need to understand that the source of the Communist Party’s legitimacy has been economic growth. For the past forty years, the Chinese people have been asked to trade certain freedoms that we take for granted, such as freedom of speech and religion, for increasing prosperity. That trade has preserved a measure of social order.

But now, many economists see signs that the good times are coming to an end in China. In fact, that may be an understatement. It could be something even worse

As the Wall Street Journal reports, “China’s consumers and businesses are losing confidence. Car sales have plunged. The housing market is stumbling. Some factories are letting workers off for the big Lunar New Year holiday two months early.”
In other words, the Communist Party may not be able to keep up its end of the bargain. If they fail, ordinary Chinese people could remember everything they’ve had to put up with and get angry. Very angry.

So how will Xi respond to this? We already know the answer to that question. He will crack down even harder. Cult leaders don’t admit mistakes, much less give up their power voluntarily. They look for scapegoats and hunt for heretics.

In China, Christians qualify as both. As adherents to what many Chinese regard as a “Western” religion, their loyalties can be called into question. And they’ll likely not join Xi’s cult of personality, so they will be ideal targets.

All of this is why our brothers and sisters there need our prayers. And our voice. We must urge our government and U. S. corporations that do business in China to use their influence on behalf of persecuted Chinese Christians.

Persecution Unveiled has been called to prick the consciences of this nation and all free people to pray for, speak up and act on behalf of those who are persecuted for their faith. Follow us on Pinterest, and Google and like us on Facebook.

‘Islamophobic’ Christian Man Arrested in London for Preaching the Gospel

Featured Image

By Martin M. Barillas   
Life Site News

A viral video depicts a street preacher facing arrest in England for supposed “racism” as he shares the Gospel.

Now shared more than two million times, the video shows the exchange between the as-yet-unidentified preacher and two police officers. Beginning in mid-conversation, the preacher told the two officers, "I can be arrested if you want." The preacher told an officer, “Give your life to the Lord, Jesus Christ.” When one of the officers asked him what he was doing, the preacher responded, "I am preaching."

The officer in the video told the man "I'm going to require you to go away." When the preacher told officers he would not leave, the officers informed him that he will be arrested for breach of peace. In response, the preacher proclaimed, "I will not go away because I need to tell them the truth. Because Jesus is the only way, the truth — because Jesus is the only way, the truth, and the life." To this, the officer replied: "I appreciate that, but nobody wants to listen to that."

A Christian preacher this afternoon was arrested at Southgate station London N14 for preaching about Jesus . @CConcern the police told him it’s because public had said he was being islamophobic . We have the full video and wondered when preaching was now illegal ? @Campaign4T
"You don't want to listen to that? You will listen when you are dead," the preacher says. It is then that the officers cuffed the preacher and seized his Bible. When the man asked the officers not to take his Bible, the other officer retorts, "You should have thought about that before being racist."
While it is not clear what the man was preaching before the camera began to roll, the Twitter account that posted the video, Eye on Antisemitism, claimed that police told him he had been accused of Islamophobia. EyeonAntisemitism wrote that just before the incident unfolded, the preacher had been engaged in a debate with a Muslim man that became heated. According to the group, the Muslim man who debated the Christian preacher referred to the Bible as “s**t.”

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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Iranian Cleric Warns Against Spread of Christianity

By Claire Evans
International Christian Concern

Iranian cleric Hujjat al-Islam Naser Rafiei delivered a speech in Qom (home to the largest Islamic seminary in Iran) which warned against the spread of Christianity throughout the country. He specifically named house churches and evangelical networks as an attraction for Iranian youth whose faith in Islam is diminishing.

This growth in the Iranian church has led the regime to increasingly persecute Christians on the basis that they are seeking to overthrow and occupy Islamic land. The regime, which is heavily influenced by Iran’s clerical class, is feeling pressured because of the widespread discontent of the population. 
Many Iranians are tired of the strict Islamic moralism imposed upon them by the government. The youth in particular are curious about alternatives, thus opening the door for the spread of the Gospel message.
The Iranian regime does not recognize the religious status of Muslims who convert to Christianity. They are often harassed, detained, imprisoned, and interrogated by the authorities. 
Christians who can prove their family was Christian before the 1979 Revolution are freer to practice their faith, but still face heavy restrictions. They cannot share their faith and may only worship in designated spaces in a language other than Farsi (Iran’s official language). Any perceived breach of these restrictions can also lead to imprisonment.

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UN Threatens to Blacklist Major Companies with Locations in Israeli Settlements

UN Threatens to Blacklist Major Companies with Locations in Israeli Settlements
                                 Photo courtesy: Unsplash/Robert Bye
By Sarah Martin
Christian Headlines

The United Nations is set to release a blacklist, warning international and Israeli companies against their business operations in Israeli settlements, which the UN identifies as occupied territory.

The UN Human Rights Council has warned companies such as Coca Cola, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Africa Israel Investments, Bank Leumi, Bank Hapoalim and Israel’s main transportation and utility companies, about their potential inclusion on the list of 206 businesses operating in the West Bank, the Golan Heights, and eastern Jerusalem, Ynet News reports.

“The UN began publishing the blacklist in 2016 when the body passed a resolution condemning companies that operate directly or indirectly in Israeli settlements. The list has been updated each year since then, CBN News writes.
The resolution passed 32-15, leading Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accuse the UN Human Rights Council of being an “anti-Israel circus.”

Israel and the United States, who pulled out of the UN Human Rights Council last year, have opposed the publishing of the list, but it is scheduled to be released in March at the 40th UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva, according to Ynet News.

Netanyahu called on “responsible governments not to honor the decisions of the Council that discriminate against Israel.”

CEO of Hot Telecommunications Tal Granot-Goldstein appealed for help from Netanyahu.
“We believe the inclusion of Israeli companies in the UN Human Rights Council's blacklist might expose those companies to legal procedures, prompting international corporations to pull out of their investments in Israel,” she wrote in a letter.
“Therefore, we request that the Israeli government and the Foreign Ministry intervene to prevent the publication of this list. Handling this matter is a national interest of the utmost importance.”
By releasing this blacklist, Granot-Goldstein claimed the UNHRC intends to “apply economic pressure on Israeli companies, while attempting to hurt their image and profits by shaming and threatening to expose them to legal procedures.”

The resolution of the UNHRC followed a fact-finding mission’s investigation, which reported in 2013 that business enterprises working in the territory had “directly and indirectly, enabled, facilitated and profited from the construction and growth of the settlements,” according to the UN Office of the High Commissioner.

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